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Peak Oil Crime, Personal & Home Security: "Equity and Guns," Airdale, April 11, 2009

One response in a recent blog discussion of equality after resource depletion:

Airdale on April 11, 2009 - 8:35pm

Perhaps I am not understanding the concept here.

If we are speaking post powerdown then with most communications lost then whose is to know who is where on the economic rung?

Right now let me make an observation that may tend to show what the future might hold.

I recently went to two guns shows. I also in the last week visited two sporting goods stores where one dealt solely with firearms.

What I saw was astounding and has happened just within a few months.

The gun shows first. One before Jan 2009. Moderate supplies of all items. Moderately full of purchasers and browsers .Trade was brisk with quite a few new firearms and quite a bit of ammunition. Prices were a bit above normal. This was around Nov 2008.

The next gun show was two weeks ago. The difference was amazing. First it was so crowded you had to stand behind someone to get to a table. There were over 500 tables/setups by those selling. The crowd was enormous and you had to shuffle slowly down the aisles.
There was few new firearms. Most all was used and rather used at that. Ammunition was almost non-existant and was very expensive. I saw really few firearms of real value. This was mostly older stuff that was used and dealers were making a killing at high prices.

I might add that the attendees were not your run of the mill gunowning types. Yes some collectors but what I saw was families. Women with their husbands and children. Buying,buying and buying. Walking out with lots and lots of purchases. The parking lot was overcrowded.

Then the two dealers. One used to have many shelves full of powder,bullets, brass and all the rest. Now all his shelves had been taken down and he had mere handfuls of ammo. Some very oxidized meaning very old. Nothing at all is the most desired calibers. He had zero reloading equipment. No restocking in a couple months and no more inventory on the way , he said. Shocking to me. I always stop by when in the neighborhood.

The next was just a firearms dealer. He had NOTHING. Maybe a rack of older used shotguns and a few rifles and almost no handguns. His shelves were totally bare. He said "Can't sell what I can't get."

I don't see how he was going to stay in business.

So it seems to me that firearms and defense is going to be a huge part of the 'equality' issues. Surely everyone is stocking for a couple reasons.

One. They finally have realized we are sinking fast. They are now on board and most will by weapons vs land and gardening. What they have they value I believe they are intent on defending.

Two. Obamas mutterings and House Bills that are out and out threats to make very big changes in the laws governing firearms. They see it as an assult on their freedoms to defend themselves and their property.

This to me is where the equality or lack of it wlll manifest itself.

Money might become meaningless to many shortly. We are seeing extreme weather changes. That storm that blew thru Arkansas and Tennessee came up here. I heard it roaring like 100 locomotives as it passed just to the north of me by 2 miles. Hail and hard hard rain.

So yesterday I saw the damage. A 75 ft radio tower toppled. A barn in the path totalled. A huge grain bin with an big kink in its side. Some hi tension twin leg power lines thrown on the ground like tinker toys. It was very localized. Only a mile wide and no circular movements. Just one very very strong wind. Never heard wind blow like that in all my years and I have been in several nearby tornadoes.

The times are achanging. We really can't see to what except it won't be BAU.

Airdale-perhaps OT but I wanted to make these observations. Folks are arming up rapidly and fully. If someone comes to take their weapons? Then hell will start immediately.

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