Monday, July 20, 2009

Cliff's Tips on Prescription Medicines, Diagnoses, and Treatment

Prescription medicines are usually expensive in the developed countries. In addition, getting the prescription normally requires an appointment with the doctor.

I have found that with the information available on the Internet and mail ordering medications from United Pharmacies -- -- I can usually save money and time. United Pharmacies does not require a prescription and their medications are of excellent quality. I have always found United Pharmacies to be honest and efficient. And if I need to go to the doctor, I come prepared with symptoms, diagnoses, and prospective medications and treatments.

The most authoritative source for diagnoses and treatments is National Institutes of Health. The site Wrong Diagnosis is excellent, and there are many others such as Mayo Clinic. For depression, anxiety, panics, nervousness, see Crazy Meds and National Institute of Mental Health. See also the sources on the side bar right of this blog.

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