Monday, August 17, 2009

"Insiders Continue to Sell, Sell, Sell," Seeking Alpha, August 14, 2009

"We have to send a tip of the hat, to ultra popular finance blogger at for alerting us to the huge number of insiders who are selling off stock in their companies."


Blog Comment: Many Wall Streeters know about Peak Oil. Neil King Jr. at "The Wall Street Journal" gave a talk last year at the annual ASPO conference. Two years ago I sent him my Peak Oil impacts report. He wrote back and said he would read it. I wrote back and suggested that he forward the report to his editors, as it would make writing about Peak Oil easier for him. I have posted my Peak Oil impacts report in comments on financial blogs, including those at "The Wall Street Journal" and "Financial Times," and it has been posted on Bart Anderson at informed me that this article on Peak Oil and the economy had 3,783 unique page views. Another article on Peak Oil and the economy was likely as popular and has been posed on many blogs. We can conclude that many insiders know about Peak Oil.

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